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Hide details for ViewsViews
IFBTAHWBLVFixed a crash exporting a view as DXL
JJCMAKV3DTFixed an issue where "Starts With" Window is not showing when pressing any letter or number key in a view/folder
JKEY9SLK37Added support for federating custom views based on $Calendar view from a Notes application/teamroom calendar. Also fixed the issue where calendar...
Hide details for Web MailWeb Mail
YNIAAGMBJFFixed an issue where mail is garbled in SCN Web and Verse.
Hide details for Web NavigatorWeb Navigator
JKAE98EAYRFixed an issue where the Web Retriever can not download HTTPS images when going through a proxy
Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
CTOIAGUK3NReadViewEntries XML output is now correctly marked with a charset of "utf-8"
HOKA93B7DAAble to configure the timeout of single-sign-on (SSO) user cache tokens via a notes.ini. The default is 30 mintues. The notes.ini is...
GFALAJFNMWFix an issue where the redirectto parameter in a URL will result in a file containing a Danish accented character not being opened.
MKINACNUGSAdded serviceability to servlet life cycle
Hide details for XpagesXpages
BRMD9AZLRJFix a Client hang when trying to add data source to an Xpage
LHEYAKALAHFixed form validation not working on an XPage
LHEYAKBJSQFixed an issue where SSJS editor stops working in an NSF with a managed bean
RGAU9UKP8TFixed a Domino Designer freeze issue while developing Xpages
MDOYAKFPE2Fixed an XPages issue where dropping an iNotes calendar, the control icons do not display the correct hover help text
TSAO8D4JQ9Fixed an Xpages issue where the value of content-length in the HTTP response headers are incorrect
MMNDAMVSBVFix an issue where users are unable to open more than one new tab in an XPage application. This is a regression in 901FP8.
RGAUAM9F8YFixed an issue in XPages where the date picker calidation is failing in IOS using the Bootstrap Theme.
Hide details for  9.0.1 FP8 9.0.1 FP8
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
SDOYA73KACFixed an issue where after a web user is renamed, they are unable to access their archives.
Hide details for ArchiveArchive
JHINAB5QXZFix the error "Entry Not Found In Index" when archiving
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
AYAVACYBSJFix an issue where an XML attachment is rendering as part of the message body
ADONADJUDFFix an issue with the dialog prompting "How Do You Want To Open This File?" when opening a jpg or bmp file


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